Discover Chartres - L'Escale en couleur
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Discover Chartres

Chartres in Black and White (and red !)

From the Fine Arts Museum, to the Cathedrale’s gardens and down the river Eure, just a few stairs will take you there.

See the latest events in Chartres through our Tourist Office.

Chartres light show / Chartres en lumières

A ‘must see’ as the town’s buildings come to life with this now famous sound-and-lights show.

From 16 april to 08 october 2016. Have a look at the photos of the 2014 and 2015 shows.

Chartres and its street art

In Chartres, art can be around the corner of any street.
Latest open-air exhibition, fresco or elaborate graffiti, artists are everywhere in the city center.

Office de Tourisme de Chartres – Maison du Saumon – 8-10 place de la Poissonnerie

Comité départemental du tourisme – 9 rue du Cardinal Pie

Chartres capitale de la lumière et du parfum